Liberty Print Silk, inspired by William Morris


I was at the Secret Garden festival at the weekend and was chatting to another designer and dressmaker who uses Liberty Printed Silks in her designs, I’m really looking forward to trying this too. I’ve been pawing over their site and have fallen in love with this Glacier print, inspired by the William Morris poem, ‘Iceland First Seen’. Can’t wait to get some! It’s really similar to the Japanese woodblock prints I was working with in my fashion design sketchbook at saint martins, really beautiful.


Paper sculpture, natural forms


This is another of my sculptures from the paper workshop a couple of weeks ago. It’s an interpretation of a wasps nest (though wasps are horrendous little things, their nests are so beautiful!), photographing it in a studio with proper lighting makes such a difference, and casts really interesting shadows…

Beauty of decay sketchbook


After collaging decay images with 70s fashion silhouettes I sketched a few rough ideas for garments based on those ideas. I’m really interested in a couture type exaggerated silhouette based on decay textures, but for my label I’m going to develop some of the decay images which I photographed myself into a textile print design.

Costume Design for Theatre and Screen


Today’s the last day of my short course at Central Saint Martins: Costume Design for Theatre and Screen…
It’s really an art course focussing on exploring character and how to portray it visually. We did lots of research about period costume as well as working on the form and position of characters in our sketches to bring them to life. Also, clay modelling which was tonnes of fun!
It’s made me realise that I actually cannot draw, which is a bit of an inconvenience. But other than finding that out, its been a really useful and interesting course to learn about the work of a costume designer.